The Democrats’ relevance has become “nonexistent” since the election, says intelligence insider Dr. Steve Pieczenik.

“They literally have no recourse to anything,” Pieczenik said on The Alex Jones Show Tuesday. “The entire DNC is nonexistent.”

The Democrat Party has been rapidly losing their grip on mainstream media, evidenced by outlets such as The New York Times about-facing on Obama’s legacy ever since Trump’s recent “cordial” meeting with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

“What happened after that meeting? The New York Times indicted and convicted this [Obama’s] administration for having had the most severe suppression of writers and leakers that has ever occurred,” Pieczenik pointed out. “Obama has no legacy.”

“The truth of the matter is, he accomplished nothing.”

President-elect Trump’s meeting with tech leaders, including Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, also means that some liberal news outlets are going to ease off their attacks on Trump going into 2017, Pieczenik said.

“When you see the predominant leaders of high tech companies, including Jeff Bezos, sitting next to Trump, that’s the kiss of death for anybody who thinks that they’re going to attack Trump through the Washington Post,” he said. “[Trump’s] literally negated and obviated any ability of the mainstream media to come after him with any credibility.”

Though the mainstream media’s decline and the globalists’ waning influence are positive developments, patriots in the intelligence community encourage Trump to remain vigilant, Pieczenik said.

“Now what they’re waiting for is Trump to really bring in the axe,” he added.

As we previously reported, patriots in the intelligence community launched a counterintelligence coup against Hillary Clinton in the days leading up to Election Day due to evidence of her deep corruption and collusion as revealed by Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails.

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