State legislation aimed at preserving the Second Amendment

Adan Salazar
January 24, 2014


Embattled CNN host Piers Morgan’s relentless assault on the Second Amendment has inspired an Oklahoma lawmaker to attach the British subject’s name to a new gun rights bill that would “reaffirm Oklahomans’” rights to bear arms without infringement.

Senate Bill 1473, otherwise known as the “Piers Morgan Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms Without Infringement Act,” would allow anyone over the age of 18 to open carry loaded or unloaded shotguns, rifles and pistols without license for virtually any purpose, whether for hunting, recreation, performance, target shooting, military or law enforcement functions, or simply for lawful self-defense.

Constitutional Conservative Sen. Nathan Dahm, the author of the legislation, understands the Second Amendment already affirms Americans’ rights to keep and bear arms, “yet when we require our citizens to jump through hoops, pay fees and undergo a process that presumes they’re guilty of something until proven otherwise, their rights are being infringed upon,” Dahm argues.

“If approved,” a press release on the Senator’s website notes, “Dahm’s legislation.. would become effective on November 1, 2014.” Areas federally designated “gun-free zones,” such as schools and government facilities, would not be affected by the legislation.

Unsurprisingly, the former Mirror editor wasn’t too fond of his name being lent to a cause which he stands directly in opposition of.

Ever since the Sandy Hook school tragedy, Morgan has used his platform on national television to wage what is widely regarded as a “treasonous” campaign in favor of “gun control,” or “sensible” gun laws.

That the CNN host was launching essentially illegal attacks against the Bill of Rights and the Constitution was not lost on radio host Alex Jones, who around this time last year appeared on the program in defense of the rights of millions of gun owners across America. Evidently, the movement to defend freedom is so popular that the segment in which Jones appeared topped the program’s “Ten most memorable moments of 2013” list.

State legislators are seemingly aware of the growing push to create loopholes around the Constitution. A bill in Missouri, for instance, was recently introduced which would basically nullify new gun laws that “exceed the scope of the federal government’s authority.”

And Tennessee’s “Fourth Amendment Protection Act,” a bill that would ban the state from dispensing water and energy services to the NSA’s data centers, was also drafted with Constitutional preservation in mind.

Sen. Dahm has also introduced legislation aiming to “curtail unconstitutional NSA activity in Oklahoma,” which would “prohibit any government entity at the local, county, or state level from providing assistance to the NSA.”

According to Dahm’s Twitter feed, he’s already in the process of scheduling an appearance on the prime time program.

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