CNN host will stoop to any low to generate controversy

Paul Joseph Watson
January 16, 2013

In yet another illustration of the fact that Piers Morgan will stoop to just about any low to generate controversy for his flagging CNN show, Morgan admitted in a tweet last night that he is “standing on the graves” of Sandy Hook victims to push his gun control agenda.

“I’m being accused of ‘standing on the graves of dead Sandy Hook children’ – if that’s what it takes to get action, so be it. #GunControlNow,” tweeted Morgan.

The reaction to Morgan’s crass comment from the Twitter community was less than sympathetic, although a significant number of Morgan’s followers backed him up.

“You are truly pathetic. I hope the parents know you are “standing on their babies graves”- you ghoul,” remarked Harriett Baldwin.

“You sir are sick. You are not standing on the graves, you are happy those kids are dead. More ratings for your failing show,” added a user called Rick.

“More like standing on the graves for higher ratings. U r the ultimate sleaze peddler,” commented a user called HatchetWounds, telling Morgan to “slither your slimy ass back to England.”

This is by no means the first time that Morgan has resorted to crass comments in an effort to draw attention to his political agenda.

During a segment on Piers Morgan Tonight last Tuesday, Morgan and his guests joked about silencing pro-second amendment enthusiasts like Alex Jones by shooting them with assault rifles.

Morgan’s death wish was echoed by his supporters who, despite claiming to support gun control in the name of reducing violence, expressed their vitriolic desire to see Alex Jones shot dead.

Morgan’s admission that he is “standing on the graves of dead Sandy Hook children” to push his gun control agenda puts a previous remark he made in a fresh context. Responding to a Twitter user who said, “I think you are somewhat gleeful that a tragedy happened to help you push your cause,” Morgan stated, “Of course I am, you moron.”

Following an explosive on-air confrontation between Morgan and Alex Jones that went viral, Jones challenged the CNN host to a second debate, but Morgan failed to respond.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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