Piers Morgan, the CNN host who used a floundering television show to promote his anti-Second Amendment agenda, believes America needs to install a monarchy.

Less than ebullient protesters try to shut down NBA game in Brooklyn attended by royal couple.

Morgan made the remark in an article posted on the Mail Online website. He became the Editor-at-Large in the United States for the popular Daily Mail website after his CNN show was cancelled due to dismal ratings.

“If you love our royals so much, America, perhaps it’s time to have a Monarchy of your own?” Morgan asked after Prince William and Duchess Kate arrived in the United States for a visit.

“When (Prince William) departs, President Obama will shake his hand and feel very grateful that he was able to bask, albeit briefly, in the reflected glow of his guest’s beloved VIP wattage.”

“In the 10 years I’ve lived here, I’ve never seen anything to rival the adulation, attention and respect this family engenders.”

According to Morgan, the American public and celebrities alike are experiencing “ecstatic frenzy” in response to the visit.

More accurately, it is a sensationalistic corporate media that is mesmerized by the royal couple, not the American people.

Morgan believes the royal family is “non-political” and celebrates their inherited position as “unelected heads of state.”

In addition to serving as dictators, as all unelected rulers must, Morgan believes royalty buoys the economy.

“They make a ton of money. The British Monarchy brings in billions of dollars, helping to sustain our economy in a plethora of areas mostly connected to tourism,” he writes.

“They offer a barrier to corruption because they’re already super-rich and never have to make decisions based on short-term greed or naked lust for power and money.”

As a toadying sycophant of royalty, Piers Morgan ignores the bloody authoritarian rule of the British monarchy.

Thanks to centuries of British conquest and the violent acquisition of so-called dominions, colonies, protectorates, mandates and other territories, Morgan’s beloved Queen Elizabeth is the largest landowner on Earth. She controls around 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the Earth’s non-ocean surface. The value of this booty stolen by her royal ancestors is said to be around £17,600,000,000,000.

In his effort to sanitize the British royals Morgan ignores the fact that they are not, as he claims, “non-partisan.”

In November it was reported that Prince Charles had sent letters to Whitehall and numerous government ministers in which he sought to influence official policies.

He also does not dare mention the excessive brutality of the empire ruled by monarchs.

From engineering the Irish famine, which reduced the island’s population by between 20% and 25%, to starving the death millions in Bengal, the British Empire has excelled at psychopathic cruelty.

Other notable atrocities include killing thousands during the Mau Mau uprising, the Opium Wars, the Boer War (where it innovated the concentration camp), massacres and war crimes during the Boxer Rebellion, Bloody Sunday in Ireland, and many more wars, genocidal massacres, and wholesale theft stretching back to the first millennia.

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