Piers Morgan, the former CNN show host bounced due to dismal ratings, is calling or all-out war in the Middle East.

Taking to the pages of the Daily Mail, where he is the American editor at large, Morgan argues the ISIS capture of Ramadi in Iraq portends further victories in Baghdad and ultimately in Yemen, Egypt, and Libya.

ISIS is spreading “like a furiously mutating virus” that will not stop “until the whole Middle East is in their clutches,” he writes.

“They will also, inevitably, try to launch big attacks inside America to act as promotional tools back home.”

According to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, however, ISIS does not pose a threat to America.

Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said ISIS does not have “the capability right now to conduct a major attack on the U.S. homeland” and National Counterterrorism Center Director Matthew Olsen said that “we have no credible information that ISIL is planning to attack the United States.”

The capture of Ramadi by the US-trained and Gulf Emirate supported terror army — infused with American weapons — according to Morgan, is evidence “the current U.S. policy to defeat ISIS isn’t working, and has to change.”

Morgan joins the neocons and their fellow travelers who call for more war. Following the lead of the Democrats, he puts a liberal spin on his war mongering.

Sometimes, as the world found with Hitler, the only way to beat such an oppressive, evil enemy is through might.

But simply throwing boots on the ground at ISIS won’t work as it did with the German dictator.

So what will?

I don’t like war, nobody does.

He cites the dubious and unverified killing of Abu Sayyaf over the weekend — an incident designed to overshadow revelations putting the Osama bin Laden assassination drama in doubt — and concludes “that victory now looks very small and hollow by comparison to the loss of Ramadi.”

“Obama needs to step it all up a gear,” he writes. “ISIS is winning. They must be stopped. Or we’ll all lose.”

Morgan does not specify how we all lose if ISIS captures Iraq and Syria. The former became a failed state as a direct result of US intervention and the latter is poised to suffer the fate of Libya thanks to US-funded and armed mercenaries, including al-Qaeda affiliates, most notably al-Nusra.

“Inside the American Terrordome, the chorus of hysteria-purveyors, Republican and Democrat alike, nattered on, as had been true for weeks, about the ‘direct,’ not to say apocalyptic, threat the Islamic State and its caliph posed to the American way of life,” writes Tom Engelhardt.

“This sort of soundtrack has been the background noise in our lives for the last 13 years. And like familiar music (or Muzak), it evokes a response that’s almost beyond our control. The terror about terror, sometimes quite professionally managed… has flooded through our world year after year after year. ISIS is just a recent example of the way the interests of a group of extremists in making themselves larger than life and the interests of groups in this country in building up or maintaining their institutional power have meshed.”

Morgan, a professed liberal who opposes the Second Amendment and the right of Americans to protect themselves from a threat far more immediate than ISIS — criminal predators in the United States — has added his voice to the background noise created by the neocons and their allies in Congress.

His call for more war and murder underscores the fact there is little difference between Democrats and Republicans. Both are cheerleaders for endless and perpetual war.

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