CNN host hastily exploited incident before details were known

Paul Joseph Watson
January 22, 2013

CNN host Piers Morgan embarrassingly exploited what soon turned out to be a gang-related shootout to push his agenda for gun control, completely embellishing an altercation at Lone Star College near Houston.

As soon as news emerged that there had been a shooting, Morgan, who previously admitted that he was “standing on the graves of dead Sandy Hook children,” in order to provide a platform for his anti-gun rhetoric, went into overdrive on Twitter, screeching that there were “horrific scenes” on the campus and that there were, “Bodies on ground, others being stretchered away,” portraying the scene as a massacre despite news footage showing only one or two injured people.

Despite there being scant information about the nature of the shooting at the time, Morgan persisted with his fearmongering, using it to take a sideswipe at advocates of armed officials in schools by tweeting,”Lone Star College has its own armed police officers.”

The CNN host even took the opportunity to lambast Rick Perry, by remarking, “Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas, where this latest shooting happened, wants MORE guns in schools.”

As soon as it began to emerge that the campus shooting was not a planned attack and in fact was likely to be an altercation between two gangbangers, Morgan dropped the issue.

At time of press, the four people involved in the shooting sustained injuries but no deaths were reported.

“Witnesses said they saw two men get into an argument in the college’s library, and both pulled out guns and began firing on each other, NBC affiliate KPRC Local 2 reported. Several law enforcement officials said the incident may have been gang-related,” NBC News reported.

The incident clearly does not fit with the recent narrative of mass shootings being linked with semi-automatic weapons, but the facts didn’t stop Morgan from rushing to virtually celebrate the shooting in what amounted to a pathetic attempt to bolster his anti-second amendment crusade.


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