Mike Adams
Natural News
Feb 5, 2013

Earlier this evening on CNN, Piers Morgan was broadcasting live from Tactical Firearms in Katy, TX. There, he interviewed gun range founder Jeremy Alcede, Texas AG Greg Abbott, a Texas state Senator and a Texas radio host, among others. During one interview, he asked the question, “Do you know why there are no shootings on airplanes? Because they are the perfect example of Gun-Free Zones.”

Ummm… hey Piers, thousands of U.S. airline pilots are ARMED while flying their planes. Right now, there are well over 10,000 armed pilots flying commercial airlines on a routine basis.

In fact, not only are pilots armed and licensed to carry concealed guns on the flight deck, commercial airplanes also have armed air marshals who also carry loaded guns on flights.

There are men with guns on thousands of commercial flights every week

Far from being “gun-free zones,” commercial airplanes in the USA are actually “gun-defended zones,” and that’s precisely the reason why terrorists are reluctant to stage violent hijacking on commercial airliners in the USA.

The only way to make commercial airplanes even safer would be to have MORE armed pilots and co-pilots on the flight deck. Armed pilots are a strong deterrent against would-be hijackers and terrorists.

Shhhhh. Don’t tell Piers Morgan he’s been flying in airplanes piloted by men with guns. He might freak out and try to leap out mid-flight. As is the case with most guns, you don’t readily see them because they are carried concealed. Many people who are protected by concealed guns don’t realize it because they don’t see them. Out of sight, out of mind, apparently.

By the way, armed pilots carry frangible ammo that can take out bad guys without harming the plane itself. Frangible ammo bursts into powder upon impact with a hard surface such as an airplane fuselage body.

The most dangerous place to be while traveling, by the way, is standing in line at a TSA security checkpoint where nobody has a gun to fight back against an attacker. Watch for precisely such an attack to take place in the near future, followed by the government exploiting the attack to justify “arming the TSA.”

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