Piers Morgan has pulled out of hosting a television awards ceremony after social justice warriors mounted a campaign to have him sacked.

At the time, the Royal Television Society, said: “Morgan’s reputation for being opinionated and his wealth of experience working within the industry make him the perfect host and we look forward to a lively event.”

That didn’t go down well with the professionally offended, with campaigners saying he lacked the ‘creative excellence’ criteria required to host such an event and that his presence would be damaging and inappropriate.

Given that Morgan has hosted a variety of shows over the last decade, this line of reasoning just doesn’t add up.

They also claimed he failed to understand a social movement that values equality and diversity of voice. Ahh, it makes sense now. Poor Piers is being ‘no-platformed’ because he’s a friend of the Donald.

Morgan said in a statement on Facebook: “Apparently, this movement does not extend to tolerating my own diverse voice.

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