Peter Allen, Ian Sparks and David Williams
Mail Online
June 3, 2009

Investigators are examining a bomb threat called in on a flight from Buenos Aires to Paris just days before Flight 447 disappeared over the Atlantic ocean, it has been revealed.

[efoods]Aviation authorities are examining the possibility of a link between the threat to the Buenos Aires flight and the mysterious disappearance of Flight 447 with 228 people on board, a source has claimed.

Meanwhile an Air France pilot said it was ‘highly likely’ the jet was blown out of the sky by a bomb.

The long-haul captain said he believed Flight 447 was the victim of terrorist attack. No terrorist group has yet come forward to claim responsibility for such an attack, but the French government – baffled by the disappearance of the aircraft – has not ruled such an attack out.

Speaking under condition of anonymity to Le Figaro newspaper the pilot said: ‘It is highly likely a bomb went off on board.

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