Infowars writer and host Paul Joseph Watson appeared on the Louder With Crowder podcast to discuss the recent purge of alternative media voices by social media platforms.

Crowder began the interview by asking Watson to discuss one of his recent videos on human emotion in the age of social media.

The Age of Emotional Incontinence

Next, Crowder moved the conversation toward internet censorship and how so many platforms are going after the same outlets at the same time.

Watson mentioned the fact that Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg both made personal decisions to block Infowars and Alex Jones.

PJW also pointed out that in October a Democrat Congressman lobbied Facebook to ban Infowars during a hearing on Capitol Hill and in November Democrat Rep. Mike Quigley demanded Twitter execs silence Infowars.

Paul then hinted that an upcoming livestream event involving some of YouTube’s top personalities could be in the works.

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