Planet Infowars
July 22, 2013

Dear fellow Infowarriors!

Here’s the power of positivity and networking unleashed in part from the Operation Paul Revere Contest and Planet Infowars as a whole!

Checkout myself @Flipthistweet ( Courtney ) and my live interview with the AMAZING PEEPS over @TheMediaSpeaks (Dlake 4 Prez (The,Anthony Kort (Constant Injustice-Youtube Channel) Sam DiGandi (The Correct Views- Youtube Channel) , Matt Winkeljohn (!
We talk about it all from the contest…NO HOLDS BARRED..from Obama to drones to Zimmerman to KE$HA….nothing is left unsaid!

Get the inside scoop about our entries the lowdown on the positive and negative experiences regarding the level of intensity the contest has reached and everything in between!

There’s also some pretty groovy shoutouts to everybody holding it down at INFOWARS!!!

Hope you enjoy!

Also Don’t Forget to Click the Videos if you’d like to support our efforts and HIT THE STARS IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER TO BE TRUE ROCKSTARS FOR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!

Operation Paul Revere- Courtney Driver

Becoming Paul Revere – The Media Speaks

Passing Time “War On For Your Mind” – Sam DiGandi

Thanks Again Infowarriors! It’s not possible without each of us standing together and UNITED!

Sincerely, Courtney

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