Planet Infowars
August 30, 2013

Hey everybody, I have a favor to ask of a talented graphic artist somewhere in here. I’d do it myself but I don’t have the appropriate software, nor a readily available means to acquire it.

I need somebody to design a Planet Infowars (PI) connection card. A connection card in this context is the same thing as a business card, but with different functions such as blanks to fill in, like appointment cards. These cards will function as invitations with links. Front side glossy, back side plain.

I’ve thought about this for a while… I’ve run into many people out there who intuitively know something is wrong, but they’re not “awake” yet. Sometimes they are awake in certain areas, such as GMO. Sometimes they have heard of Infowars or The Crowhouse. Sometimes they’re even listeners.

Most of these people are ready to take action or educate themselves further, and it’s time for us to coordinate our efforts. A PI connection card is just what we need to connect our networks to the physical, such that upon full mobilization (as will be necessary in the future), we would be “on the field” more than on the site. Taking coordinated action is extremely powerful, and this idea may help us do it.

This is how I envision it:

The front side of the card has the PI logo graphic (at the top left of this page) or an artistic variation thereof. An example of a variation could be of the futuristic themes used to intro the AJ show on Youtube. It could be any theme, but it would be bold and visually appealing.

illustrated here
and here

I see a simple header and secondary line:
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