Melissa Melton
March 13, 2013

After Wisconsin amended a law last year to ban the practice of “webcam abortions,” Planned Parenthood sued the state in federal court and lost. Now the organization has refiled that suit in another bid to overturn the law.

Wisconsin has joined Arizona, Nebraska, Kansas and South Dakota in banning the practice. Five other states are in the process of passing similar laws requiring a doctor to be physically present to examine a woman before she can terminate her pregnancy.

So what exactly takes place during a webcam abortion?

During this process, which Planned Parenthood refers to as “telemedicine” or “telehealth”, a woman merely chats with a doctor over the Internet. If the physician is satisfied by this conversation and a glance at her medical records, he presses a button at his location, and a drawer pops open in the patient’s room, giving her access to abortion-inducing drugs including RU-486.

Below is my full report:

Not only does this process further dehumanize an already dehumanizing act, but the distance between doctor and patient can sometimes be hundreds of miles, potentially leaving these women without direct access to the abortionist should she have complications.

Although pill-induced abortions have been touted as a natural alternative and “like a miscarriage,” they have been shown to be incredibly painful and dangerous. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a report in 2011 regarding the thousands of adverse reactions, blood transfusions and even deaths that have been linked to RU-486.

Beyond that, more and more in our postmodern society we see humans being removed from the act of killing. Just like our nation’s unconstitutional drone wars that remotely slay thousands of innocent women and children halfway around the world at the push of a button, webcam abortions require even less human contact to kill an unborn child.

Webcam abortions are a big revenue generator for Planned Parenthood, as they require little upgrade in equipment and even less staff to perform them at more locations. The organization averaged one abortion every 94 seconds last year, ending the lives of 333,964 babies. Having received $542.4 million dollars in federal funding, Planned Parenthood’s assets now sit at over a billion dollars.

That figure will surely rise unless more states outlaw the dangerous, dehumanizing practice of webcam abortions.

Planned Parenthood Advances The Eugenics Agenda: Rev. Clenard Childress Reports
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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