More footage has surfaced of Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden’s cringe antics.

Biden, 77, was filmed nuzzling the small child no older than five during a campaign stop in Iowa, as the child visibly tried to pull away.

Biden also whispered in the child’s ear as he rubbed his finger on her back, before he forcefully pulled her in for a hug and kiss.

Add to that another disturbing video that’s been circulating on social media this week, this one showing Biden taking a selfie in 2017 with a Morgan State University co-ed, when he surprises her with an undesired kiss.

On top of that, another creepy video has surfaced of Biden telling a constituent to “always marry into a family with 3 or 4 sisters, that way one will always love you,” an interesting statement given his son Hunter’s problems with extra-marital affairs.

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