John Podesta, the embattled former campaign chair for Hillary Clinton, is pushing a fake conspiracy theory implying that President Trump calls Infowars to discuss Pizzagate.

The irony is that Podesta, who came under fire after Wikileaks released thousands of emails linking him to “Spirit Cooking” and other bizarre rituals, pushed his conspiracy theory while blasting the epidemic of “conspiracy theories.”

“…Trump peddles [Pizzagate], his people peddle it, Bannon peddles it, Breitbart peddles it… you know, he still calls Alex Jones and talks to him and… Infowars,” he said in a panel discussion entitled The Hacked Election, a name of which refers to the conspiracy theory that Russia “selected” Trump.

Skip to the 20:36 mark.

He also claimed people who “largely live in reality and in the mainstream media world” are likely unfamiliar with Infowars.

But if Podesta was actually paying attention, he would have noticed the discussion around Pizzagate largely occurred on Reddit, 4Chan and Twitter – but not Infowars.

And a quick search of found scant reporting on the subject except for wire news reports, such as a UPI article Breitbart reposted about a man firing a gun inside the pizza place at the center of the controversy.

Additionally, President Trump doesn’t appear to have ever tweeted anything about Pizzagate, despite Twitter serving as his main bullhorn.

Podesta’s other assertion that the mainstream media equates to reality is also laughable; CNN, AP, Buzzfeed and other outlets were caught pushing fake news in a series of recent scandals which resulted in numerous retractions and other “corrections,” including the botched National Guard/deportation story and the infamous “Peegate.”

The mainstream media doesn’t represent objective reality but rather the interests of the ruling class which owns the handful of multinational corporations that, in turn, own at least 90% of the mainstream media.

In fact, a recent poll revealed that Americans trust Trump more than the mainstream media.

“The Trump administration is more trusted than the news media among voters, according to a new Emerson College poll,” reported The Hill. “The administration is considered truthful by 49 percent of registered voters and untruthful by 48 percent.”

“But the news media is less trusted than the administration, with 53 percent calling it untruthful and just 39 percent finding it honest.”

Even porn publisher Larry Flynt, who’s no fan of Trump, said Hustler was more credible at news reporting than the establishment media.

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