There just might be some hope for Europe after all. Officials in Poland are rejecting migrants following the Brussels attack, condemning the call for open borders as a suicidal philosophy.

In a statement by Poland’s prime minister Beata Szydlo Wednesday, Poland rejected calls by the EU to relocate migrants flooding into Europe from the Middle East, saying the attack on Brussels proves that to be a foolish action.  

“Twenty-eight EU countries agreed to solve the issue through relocation. But I will say it very clearly. I do not see it possible to allow migrants in Poland at the moment,” Szydlo told the Superstacja TV broadcaster on Wednesday.

Szydlo accused German chancellor Angela Merkel of having “invited migrants to Europe.”

“This carefree attitude led to the problems that we have today,” she said. “We cannot agree that thousands of migrants, who come to improve their lives, flow to Europe. There are also terrorists among them.”

In a meeting with NGO leaders at her Warsaw office Wednesday, Szydlo also claimed the EU had no control on the refugee crisis.

“Europe is incapable of dealing with this enormous crisis,” she said. 

According to the EU Observer, Poland does not plan to take any formal steps against the EU resolution, but will instead withdraw while hoping the plan collapses on itself.

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