POLAND could “no longer” be an EU member state, Luxembourg’s foreign minister has claimed as EU is left on the brink.

Jean Asselborn questioned whether the eastern European nation would remain within the crumbling Brussels bloc under Jaroslaw Kaczynski – the chairman of the ruling Law and Justice party in Poland.

Kaczynski wants to avoid deeper integration with Brussels and is expected to help fight for the rights of Poles in Britain once Article 50 is triggered.

Mr. Asselborn said “today’s Poland under Jaroslaw Kaczynski could be an EU member no longer.”

Former Polish prime minister Mr Kaczynski also wants to “create a right-wing conservative social order based on nationality,” according to Mr. Asselborn.

The Luxembourg politician said that Poland “no longer respects the Copenhagen criteria that the country had to meet before EU accession.”

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