Stephen Hui
February 19, 2010

Anti-Olympic activists are accusing police of using agents provocateurs to incite protesters to commit illegal acts during last weekend’s rallies and marches.

Harsha Walia, a spokesperson for the Olympic Resistance Network, told the Georgia Straight that activists suspect several people who participated in the protests on February 12 and 13 were undercover police officers.

Although Walia said activists’ suspicions are mostly “unverifiable” and can only be confirmed by police, she’s “99.9 percent” certain that one man who attended the Take Back Our City protest outside B.C. Place during the Olympics opening ceremony was an agent provocateur.

“He was pushing forward and forcing people into the police basically,” Walia said on her cellphone from the Downtown Eastside. “From past experience, when someone falls into a police officer, they pick you up for assault.”

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