Philippines officials deployed some unusual crowd control tactics on Thursday, as thousands of activists clashed with riot police at the Asia-Pacific leaders’ summit in Manila.

Some 2,000 left-wing protesters had been marching towards the venue where the leaders of the 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC) nations, including US President Barack Obama, were meeting, and the situation soon turned violent as activists tried to break through police lines.

After initially resorting to traditional methods such as water cannons and riot shields, police began blasting Katy Perry on full volume into the street to disperse the crowd.

Police in riot gear, armed with wooden batons and backed up by water cannons lined the street to halt the protest march as it moved closer to the APEC summit venue in Manila.

Activists were chanting ‘Junk APEC’ and ‘no to imperialism’ while carrying placards criticizing the group’s free-trade agenda, and soon clashed with police in the street.

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