Police in South Texas arrested a murder suspect who was in the middle of trying out another illegal activity: human smuggling.

The man, whose name has not yet been released, was caught by state troopers earlier today when he bailed out of his vehicle during a pursuit.

He, along with five illegal aliens, led police on a chase which ended with four of them being captured.

Police later learned one of the men they’d caught was one of seven people wanted for the murder of a man who was shot while sitting inside his truck outside of a convenience store in Alton, Texas, late last November.

The suspected murderer’s foray into human trafficking illustrates why the US-Mexico border is deemed to be one of the most violent, criminally-active regions in the country, with almost half of all criminal cases in the U.S. taking place there.

“It’s not as if this is new, but to see it spelled out in a government report with a detailed breakdown is truly alarming,” reported Judicial Watch last week. “The statistics illustrate that the Mexican-border region is a cesspool of crime that’s costing American taxpayers a chunk of change not to mention loads of grief. There are 94 federal court districts in this country and the five located near the southern border see a large portion of criminal cases, according to the Justice Department’s annual report on criminal prosecutions. The five federal districts also have the biggest number of defendants actually convicted of federal crimes.”

The criminal’s new career also says a lot about the intellect of those seeking to violate U.S. smuggling laws.

“We are not dealing with Alton’s best and brightest here,” a user on the Valley Central news site commented. “He is suspected of murder! You ‘d think that he would lie low, and do nothing to draw attention to himself. The last thing he should be going is engaging in more criminal activity.. SMH!”

A Valley Central Facebook user also took issue with the fact that the man was attempting to smuggle immigrants, when the U.S. Border Patrol already does a fine job of dispersing them throughout the country, as reported by Infowars.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 6.07.15 PM

As we have reported, the immigrant influx has given way to lucrative, albeit illegal, business opportunities for smugglers, a trade that attracts ruthless people driven mainly by greed, who have no qualms about leaving members of their party to die in the hot Texas desert sun at a moment’s notice.

Yesterday, we also underscored how sexual deviant smugglers will often rape and murder migrant women along smuggling routes, and absurdly mark their conquests by displaying “rape trees.”

While the current surge in illegal immigration has law enforcement authorities overwhelmed with the processing and detainment of border crossers, it also acts as the perfect cover to distract officers from smugglers, rapists, and murderers.

H/T: ValleyCentral.com

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