“I think they killed him, my son wasn’t suicidal.”

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, August 3, 2012

Jonesboro Police claim a man who was searched, handcuffed, double-locked and bundled in the back of a patrol car shot himself in the head, an explanation the man’s mother dismisses as a cover-up for murder.

After officers claimed Chavis Carter was in possession of drugs, they searched him before handcuffing him and putting him in the back of a patrol car. The handcuffs were double-locked, making it harder for the lock to be picked.

Police then claim they heard a “thumping noise” before turning around to see Carter slumped on the back seat shot in the head.

“They’re still investigating but they think Chavis, somehow managed to pull out a hidden gun and shot himself in the head,” reports WREG Memphis, despite the fact that officers found no weapon on him during the search.

“I think they killed him, my son wasn’t suicidal,” said the man’s mother Teresa Carter.

She adds that Chavis was shot in the right temple and yet he is left-handed.

Carter also points out that Chavis called his girlfriend while pulled over and assured her that he would be in contact again when he got to jail.

The officer involved in the incident has been placed on leave pending an investigation.

Sergeant Lyle Waterworth attempted to deflect accusations of murder by claiming that officers could have easily missed the gun during the search.

“Any given officer has missed something on a search, be it drugs, knife, razor blades, this instance it happened to be a gun” said Waterworth.

However, that doesn’t explain why a man who was not suicidal was somehow able to put a gun to the side of his head and pull the trigger while handcuffed.

As police brutality in America escalates to new heights of violence and abuse, more and more unprovoked deaths are occurring, but punishments for officers who shoot victims dead are often miniscule.

In January 2009, 22-year-old Oscar Grant was shot in the back by policeman Johannes Mehserle as he lay on a platform at a railway station in Oakland California. Mehserle was charged with involuntary manslaughter after he claimed he had meant to use his Taser and not a gun and ended up serving just two years in jail for killing Grant.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

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