Gun control myth is destroyed as police officers cannot stop violence outside their own headquarters
February 3, 2014

Three men were brutally attacked by at least six others on Friday night despite being only blocks away from the Austin, Texas Police Department in yet another assault which debunks the myth that police can prevent violence better than armed individuals.

Even though the attack occurred at the intersection of East Sixth St. and Interstate 35, which is at most two blocks away from police headquarters, officers did not arrive at the scene until after the fighting ended and the crowd dispersed.

The police’s slow response time is even more troubling considering that the intersection is a well-known hot spot for violent crime.

After a video of the attack went viral, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo scheduled a town hall meeting in the middle of February to discuss the incident.

“Nice response, a town hall meeting in two weeks because you can’t stop crime two blocks from your headquarters,” Austin resident Joe Hafkey wrote on Twitter in response to Acevedo’s announcement. “Similar response time as APD.”

He added that four of his friends were also severely attacked at the same location in the past two years.

Another resident, Chris Cubas, also had friends violently assaulted near the police station.

“This isn’t the first time it has happened [fighting] in that spot just to people I know,” he wrote on Twitter. “How are people supposed to have confidence?”

Chris Crowley, who works across the street from the police dept., pointed out that the violence occurring in the area is routine.

“I’ve been followed to my car multiple times,” he said according to My Fox Austin. “My brother was stabbed on that bridge right across from the police station twice on New Year’s Eve.”

This incident is a great example of why Americans are always better off protecting themselves with firearms and other methods of self-defense instead of relying on police officers who do not even have a duty to protect individuals according to Warren v. District of Columbia.

The mere sight of a drawn handgun, for example, is usually enough to stop an aggressor from committing a crime. In such instances, violence is prevented.

Besides, police are always minutes away when seconds matter, even if they’re only two blocks away as the three victims experienced on Friday.

Yet gun control advocates constantly claim that individuals do not need to be armed because the police can protect them, but as these Austin residents revealed, the police can never be found in the high-crime area surrounding their headquarters.

Individuals must always be the primary defenders of their lives. An able-bodied person relying and depending on anyone else for safety is acting as a slave.

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