Amanda C. Gregg / | March 26, 2008

A man accused of videotaping police officers conducting training in November 2006 was granted release on $400 bail, yesterday, in Fifth Circuit Court, pending his appeal.

Darrel Lloyd Jarmusch was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing government operations and harassment stemming from a Nov. 28, 2006, incident for which he is accused of filming several police conducting training exercises near the Lihu’e Costco.

According to a police report, Jarmusch showed up, camera in hand, at a training and accused one of the officers of stopping cars randomly.

Police yesterday said they weren’t conducting any random traffic stops at the time, noting to do so they would have had to inform the public ahead of time, along with other protocols.

Police also said the reason they were able to pull a car over as part of the exercise was that the car’s plates had shown multiple traffic violations after the plates identifying marks were entered into a data base.

After Jarmusch was reportedly told to stop filming several times, officers arrested him and confiscated his film, according to police reports.

Arguing the incident had occurred while Jarmusch was on probation for another offense, Tracy Jean Murakami, prosecutor, filed a motion asking a judgment be entered from a 2001 case in which Jarmusch faced several weapons-related charges.


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