An underage rape victim in Sweden was told by police to come pick up her rapist’s used condom.

The condom was included in the girl’s personal effects that police were holding onto since the night of the rape months before.

“It’s absolutely absurd, after she has been raped, will get her rapist’s sperm,” the father told Swedish media.

The police said it was a mistake that the condom was included with her belongings, which is obvious given that it should have been saved as evidence.

As shocking as it sounds, the story is just the latest example of the rape epidemic in Sweden fueled by the country’s migrant crisis.

On Tuesday, Infowars reported on how a Swedish open borders advocate was anally raped by a migrant she hung out with to prove she wasn’t “xenophobic.”

“I’ve always felt sorry for those who move because of war,” she said. “Others have instead thought they should go back home again, and I have opposed that.”

The migrant and his friend, who were from Afghanistan, had met the Swedish woman outside a pub and led her to their asylum center in Ljungby, where they raped and sexually assaulted her, according to the Växjö District Court.

One of the migrants was convicted of rape and sentenced to 15 months behind bars while the other was sentenced for sexual assault.

“Despite Sweden’s self-perception as the epitome of gender equality and social justice – and contrary to the efforts of the ‘world’s first feminist government’ – rape and sexual abuse of women and has been on the rise over the past several decades, with the increase reaching an astonishing 400 percent in the Swedish capital,” reported Sputnik. “…In late 2017, an independent report suggested that migrants, who by conservative estimates from Statistics Sweden constituted about 23.6% of the population, were severely overrepresented in crimes of a sexual nature, accounting for over 90 percent of rapes and gang rapes.”

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