POLICE will be given the power to arrest coronavirus victims as the government unveils new crisis plans.

Authorities will also be granted powers to halt “any vehicle, train, vessel or aircraft” and close ports if immigration officers are struck down with the deadly bug.

The new rules will allow “medical professionals, public health professionals and the police to … detain and direct individuals in quarantined areas at risk or suspected of having the virus.”
Chillingly, there are also measures to speed up cremations and burials, according to a draft seen by The Times.

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All new powers will be unveiled Monday by No 10 as Boris reveals the next steps in his coronavirus game plan.

The changes follow Scotland, with authorities there already enabled to undertake such actions.

While in Northern Ireland and Wales a justice of the peace can grant officials the power to “isolate, detain or require individuals to undergo medical examination”.

The new plan will also say schools in England must stay open – despite mass calls from parents for them to close.

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