Government Video
May 3, 2011

The company that manufacturers the electric stun gun police use to incapacitate suspects is supplying police departments in at least three states with a wearable video camera for testing or purchase, the firm says.

Taser Corp., which produces the stun gun of the same name, is providing the new Taser Axon Personal Camera System to police departments in Bal Harbour, Fla.; Burnsville, Minn., which is among several Minnesota law enforcement organizations that are trying out, or have fully adopted the camera, including the Minnesota State Police; and Mesa and Phoenix, Ariz., which are also among several Arizona police departments to be testing or have adopted the cameras.

Primarily worn on an officer’s shoulder, the Taser Axon contains internal digital storage is 16 GB of flash memory recording events at 30 frames per second, and has the capacity to provide about 28 hours of recording capability. It even records the wearers Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates. It has a 12-hour rechargeable battery with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen.

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