COLOMBIA’S NATIONAL POLICE FORCE is facing allegations that it wiretapped a high-profile journalist investigating the involvement of cadets in a prostitution ring.

While the attorney general’s office and Colombia’s president have separately ordered investigations into the allegations, critics say the probes are being hindered by death threats and conflicts of interests. This is the third major wiretapping scandal in Colombia in less than a decade.

The latest scandal broke when prominent radio host and former news anchor Vicky Dávila announced that she, her family, and her reporting team had been trailed and wiretapped by the national police.

Dávila, who was investigating allegations that some 300 police cadets were engaged in a prostitution ring catering to top officials, told The Intercept that she believed she had been followed since 2014.

“I found out when an unknown person, who claimed to be a member of the police and wanted to clear their conscience, wrote to me and [fellow journalist] Claudia Morales to inform us that we were being targeted by a clandestine police spying program,” Dávila said.

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