Police Inspector in Stockholm, Lars Alvarsjö, issues a severe warning that the Swedish legal system – which is a cornerstone of a democratic society – is about to collapse.

In an article in Svenska Dagbladet, the police inspector writes that the huge influx of asylum seekers, criminal gangs and religious extremism have stretched the Swedish police to a breaking point.

– In some areas, everyday situations are that police are meet with stones and Molotov cocktails, writes Alvarsjö.

Researcher of terrorism and radicalization at the Swedish Defence Academy, Magnus Ranstorp, agrees with the police assessment and believes that the situation in Sweden is catastrophic. He does not believe that the police’s warning will make sufficient impressions on the political leadership.

– In the worst areas, extremists have taken over, while the Swedes are apathetic spectators watching. The entire legal system and security is threatened by the police on the verge of collapse and it just seems to get worse, says Ranstorp to Kristeligt Dagblad.

The problems are the result of decades of rejection of the problems in immigrant dense neighborhoods and suburbs. These areas are characterized by high unemployment and low level of education. Crime and radicalization flourishes.

Ranstorp believes the police situation is a symptom of a larger social problem. The elite and ordinary people will for ideological reasons not realize what is about to happen:

“The police situation is a symptom of a larger social problem, where the distances are huge, but there is no response. Ordinary Swedes sit back in the big cities and refuse to see what is happening, because in their world there is no problem,” he says.

The development of parallel societies has gone dangerously far in Sweden. 52 areas or districts in Sweden now qualify as “lawless, dangerous and vulnerable places.” 20 of those are located in Stockholm.

The Stockholm police has already said that it is no longer able to perform all its tasks and no longer can protect the population, as too many resources are needed for criminal asylum seekers – mainly Moroccan boys and young men – operating at various places, including the central station, where they steal and harass passersby. There are numerous reports of sexual harassment and groping of girls and women. In addition, the regular call-outs to the country’s overcrowded reception centers because of threats, fights, abuse and vandalism.

Police in Gothenburg had on average between four and five call-outs every single day to various reception centers and residential units for so-called unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in the period October 20 – January 8.

Altogether, Swedish police has, during only the last four months, responded to some 5,000 “incidents” at the country’s asylum centers.

Ranstorp believes it must go as far as to a complete collapse before the political leadership decides to act:

“Warnings are not enough and there must be a total collapse of the police before anything changes. We are in a disastrous situation with widening gaps between immigrants in the suburbs and the rest of society. It creates extreme right and Islamic radicalization,” he says.

With 20,000 policemen, Sweden belongs to the countries in Europe that has by far the smallest police force in relation to the population.

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