Pennsylvania State Police are investigating a couple’s claim that their political party affiliation was fraudulently changed from Republican to Democrat on their voter registration applications.

“The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating a case of fraud,” authorities noted in a press release Tuesday.

“On the above date [10/09/16], unknown Actor(s) filed fraudulent Pennsylvania voter registration applications on behalf of the Victims,” a 46 year-old male and a 47 year-old female from the town of New Ringgold in Schuylkill County.

“The application changed their political affiliation from republican to democrat.”

“The Victims were made aware of these changes on 10/21/16 when the Schuylkill County office of voter registration sent them new voter registration cards.”

Infowars reached out to the Pennsylvania State Police who had no new updates, but stated they are currently actively investigating the incident.

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