Police were justified in using a Taser against a man threatening to kill himself, an oversight body has found.

Police Ombudsman Dr Michael Maguire said officers had acted in a “lawful” and “proportionate” manner during the incident in north Belfast last October.

His report also found that Tasering the man, who was intoxicated through drink and drugs and was pressing a knife to his throat, had been “necessary”.

Although no complaint was made, the incident had been referred to the ombudsman for independent assessment.

Investigators obtained a copy of the phone call made to police during which a man claimed to have a knife and a bottle and was going to take his own life.

They also examined the scene of the discharge and took accounts from eye witnesses – all of whom were consistent in their description of events.

The ombudsman said police had kept the man on the line while a local response crew was dispatched.

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