A Colorado family arriving home encountered police at their residence last month making a startling claim: someone had seen the family load a child into the car’s trunk.

The car’s driver, at the behest of armed officers, opens the trunk and a child pops out of the car.

What police and the 911 caller who reported the family were unaware of is that the vehicle the family was driving, a Tesla Model S, actually has rear-facing passengers seats, ideal for seating children.

“There’s seats in here? Nice! I like that,” one of the officer says, apparently relieved, embarrassed or both.

With the situation quickly ironed out, police get ready to leave the family’s driveway, but not before asking the driver of the vehicle for his I.D., something various Youtube users say police had no business asking for.

“They shouldn’t have provided their papers (ID), as there was no 4th Article Probable Cause once he ascertained there was no crime,” one user says. “I’d have told him to beat it!”

“Once you realize your mistake, which is completely understandable, apologize for the misunderstanding, turn around, and go away,” another user says. “You have no right to ask for identification when they did nothing or waste anymore of their time when they are now on private property.”

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