Kurt Nimmo
April 28, 2012

The Gestapo would be proud.

Philadelphia, home of the Constitution, has issued instructions on how to “shelter in place” following the successful police state lockdown in Boston.

“During last week’s events in Boston, residents were told to ‘shelter in place,’ which raises the question, would you know what to do if a similar order was issued in Philadelphia?” CBS Philly asks.

The news article provides a link to a government web page containing instructions on how to “shelter in place.” The instructions are tailored for “emergencies involving contaminated air,” but may be used for a more generalized emergency such as an order for citizens to stay indoors after the city is locked down, possibly in response to an unarmed teenager on the loose.

The Boston police state lockdown was a beta test. It went over swimmingly. Residents obeyed orders and stayed in their homes. Grocery stores closed. Hospitals were inaccessible. Roads were empty. Schools closed down. Taxi cabs didn’t run. Local business lost millions of dollars in revenue.

Then the police conducted a Fourth Amendment busting door-to-door search looking for the teenager. People went along with this, largely without question. They obeyed orders to leave their homes with hands on their heads. It resembled something out of Nazi Germany, circa 1936. Its efficiency would have made the Gestapo proud.

Later, after the allegedly dangerous teenager was arrested, citizens ran out in the street and chanted “USA, USA!” Sports fans added government-worshipping chants to their repertoire.

Mission accomplished. Now other cities are preparing to see if citizens will follow orders and “shelter in place” if told to do so by “the authorities.”

Get ready. It’s a distinct possibility “shelter in place” will be coming to your neighborhood soon, especially after the display of groveling submission in Watertown, Massachusetts.

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