April 21, 2010

Alex Jones’ latest documentary, Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA, is now available for Prison subscribers.

Police State 4 reveals in striking detail the existence of FEMA camps around the country and how a federalized police industry is converting the nation into a sprawling gulag. Alex documents the cashless society control grid designed and built by the global elite to enslave a once proud and free people.

COG, of “Continuity of Government” is dissected, revealing how our rulers have incrementally established tyranny through executive orders and under the bogus rubric of terrorism.

Alex takes us to Pittsburgh were activists confronted the police state head-on as it unleashed high-tech LRAD cannons not only on demonstrators by the population at large.

See this and more now by logging into your Prison account or signing up for an account. In order to maximize viewing of Police State 4, Prison will solely be focusing on this film. All our usual services, along with the regular website design will return soon.

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