Patrick Sawer
The Telegraph
January 15, 2011

Criticism of undercover operations used by police to infiltrate radical protest groups is set to increase following revelations that the officer, known only as Officer B, had a sexual relationship with a woman who thought he was a fellow activist.

She said on Saturday she felt “colossally betrayed” by his actions.

News of the existence of the 44-year-old officer comes as regulators prepare two separate official inquiries into the activities of the secret police surveillance network, following the unmasking of Mark Kennedy, an undercover officer who had infiltrated environmental groups in Nottingham.

His activity came to light after the collapse of a trial against six activists involved in the campaign against Ratcliffe -on-Soar power station.

Officer B, whose identity has been withheld amid fears for his safety in other criminal operations, worked undercover for four years after infiltrating an anarchist group in Cardiff.

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