Jano Charbel
March 5, 2013

In its most recent wave of violence, the Suez Canal city of Port Said has been gripped by its second day of bloody clashes, as onlookers and participants continue to search for the instigators.

As of Monday, the most recent round of clashes has left 500 injured and at least 5 dead — including two civilian protesters and three conscripts from the Central Security Forces.

Fingers were pointed and accusations flew on Monday as street battles raged and fires partially engulfed the Port Said Security Directorate and governorate headquarters, while three of the army’s armored personnel carriers were attacked and then abandoned.

On Sunday evening, the Defense Ministry denied media reports claiming that clashes had taken place between its forces and the police in Port Said. Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry claimed Monday evening that unidentified provocateurs are attacking both the police and Armed Forces in order to sow discord amongst Egypt’s security forces.

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