From CBS Sacramento, your daily example of the disgusting and perverse lengths law enforcement will go to in order to catch “sex criminals.” Yesterday it was Virginia cops taking pictures of a teen boy’s junk to compare to the photos he’d texted his girlfriend, for which they were now prosecuting him for child pornography. Today brings us the story of California cops trolling online personal ads to trick lonely men into arranging dates with fake underage girls.

Daniel Eugene Kirschner, 28, apparently placed an ad online saying he was looking for a girlfriend. He did not say he was looking for an underage girlfriend, mind you, nor did undercover Placer County cops pretend to be underage when they initially reached out to him. But after a while, the “girl” revealed that she was only 13.

After that, Kirschner continued the correspondence and eventually agreed to come to the county jail, where cops said she would be for her mom’s boyfriend’s court appearance. When Kirschner showed up, he was immediately arrested and charged with “communicating with a minor with the intent of committing a sexual act” and “attempted lewd and lascivious acts with someone under 14.”

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