Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg has been urged to recuse himself from a shooting investigation after his handling of the issue during the first presidential debates.

South Bend’s Fraternal Order of Police slammed Mayor Buttigieg for using the June 14th incident of a white police officer shooting a black man for political gain.

“Mayor Buttigieg has repeatedly shown that he’s more concerned about boosting his own presidential political campaign than ensuring a fair investigation about an incident where a veteran police officer was forced to defend himself when a dangerous felon attacked him with an eight-inch hunting knife,” Harvey Mills, South Bend FOP President said Monday. “On a national TV debate, the mayor called our entire police force racist while another candidate insisted that Buttigieg fire the police chief.”

“Since this incident is now part of the accusations and political posturing of presidential politics, Mayor Buttigieg must do the right thing and recuse himself from any further decisions related to this matter.”

For his efforts, Buttigieg is currently enjoying 0% of black voter support and less than 5% overall support, according to a CNN poll.

“[Black voters] need to understand the details of the Douglass Plan that we’re continuing to roll out, and frankly they need to see me in action for a longer period of time,” said Buttigieg to CNN.

Buttigieg’s Douglas Plan includes boosting federal spending for minority-owned firms and new policies to ensure more black Americans vote.


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