After the Swedish government seized his three daughters and placed them with a Muslim foster family, Russian father Denis Lisov took his daughters back and fled to Poland where he attempted to claim asylum.

The Swedish government then ordered Lisov to be arrested in absentia and reportedly put out a European arrest warrant and an extradition request demanding that he and his daughters be brought back.

Last week, a Polish court ruled in Lisov’s favor.

From Sputnik, “Polish Court Refuses to Expel Russian Dad Who Took His Daughters From Swedish Muslim Family”:

The judge described the Muslim family, where the Russian’s daughters were placed, as a culturally and mentally alien environment for the Christian girls.

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A Warsaw district court has rejected a demand by Sweden to expel Russian national Denis Lisov, who took his three daughters back from a Muslim family and sought asylum in Poland.

In his verdict, judge Dariusz Lubowski noted that the European arrest warrant for Lisov, issued by Sweden, violates the Russian’s civil rights, Polish Radio reported.

According to the ruling, Lisov was put in a “hopeless situation”, because his children had been taken away with impossible conditions for their return. Lisov’s three children were seized by the Swedish authorities “solely under the grounds of their mother’s mental illness”. As Lisov himself emphasised, the social services never accused him of parental negligence. The judge also noted that children are “emotionally attached” to their father and are safe with him, as opposed to the foster family.

“With their actions, the Swedish authorities directly violated the rights of the children, depriving them of fatherly love”, the judge said. He described the Muslim family, where the children were placed in Sweden, as a “culturally, mentally, and religiously alien culture”, which could adversely affect their health.

According to Lubowski, the threat of deportation and new separation from the father was a heavy burden for Lisov’s eldest daughter, Sophia.

Lisov himself stated that he has done “everything possible” for his daughters’ well-being. He described the perspective of being separated from his girls as “the worst thing that may ever happen”.

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