Political Correctness Gone Mad

Muhammad Butt
Planet Infowars
June 28, 2013

Political correctness has affected people’s communication in the United States. Political Correctness has gone mad through the halls of congress and the White House. Obama even passed a bill H.R. 1913, Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009. (Akers) The Bill was passed on the April 29th of the last year. Critics of the measure now contend that, the bill will force local and state law enforcement to prosecute and sentence individuals not only for the crimes they commit, but also for their beliefs. (Akers) This slippery slope will take the country down the road, towards eventually criminalizing the thoughts of the American people.

The Hate Crime Bill will also prevent religious beliefs because the bankers are in control now. Thomas Jefferson once said, “Banking foundations are more dangerous than standing armies.” Islam forbids monetary interest, so therefore when a Muslim politician stands against interest on loans, he could be arrested. “This unconstitutional hate crimes bill raises the possibility that religious leaders or members of religious groups could become the subject of a criminal investigation focusing on a suspect’s religious beliefs, membership in religious organizations and any statements made by a suspect,” said Rep. Broun.

We are now in “double dip recession,” (which is depression) and people will not resist it. Americans will at the least criticize the Obama administration. The main stream media invokes race war to divide and concur; I’m sick and tired of seeing that. When a person criticizes Obama, the media calls them racist. A MSNBC host was telling the public that “socialist” is a code term for the N-word. This tactic discourages African Americans from protesting with the tea parties, which are against both the Democrats and Republicans. People who voted for Obama feel betrayed because he is continuing the policies of George Bush. This tactic is manipulating the perception of well meaning citizens across the country and it’s dangerous. This also violates freedom of assembly, just like the media did with Dr. Martin Luther King.

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