July 13, 2012

By all standards, the effectiveness of the “Stop Dictator Obama” contest has been an overwhelming success. Through the use of thought-provoking posters, shirts, and other mediums liberty fanatics have planted seeds in an otherwise head-in-sand mass public.

The movement has not limited itself to the U.S. It has spread to places like Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the U.K. The whirlwind of truth summoned by the Infowars audience has engulfed a large part of the world.

This just in: Alex wants the contest EXTENDED! The contest rolls on through Monday, July 16th at Midnight CST.

Did we mention the grand prize is $10,000?

Read the contest rules and send your contest submissions to: [email protected].

infowars poster contest entry

THE CORRECT VIEWS Alex Jones Phase Two Stop The Dictator Contest

Enemy Domestic

Infowars Obama Dictator Contest Re-Edit

Unmasking the Tyranny of Obama – INFOWARS.COM


Info Warfare (Audio Re-edit)

Infowars Obama Dictator Contest Part 1 of 3

The Dark Tyrant Rises


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