Paul Joseph Watson
Saturday, January 8, 2010

UPDATE: This is allegedly Jared Loughner’s You Tube Channel. He lists his favorite books as Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto. There is no evidence of any Tea Party/Ron Paul/patriot movement affiliation, much to the disappointment of the Huffington Post, but Fox News and others are hastily building his profile as a nutcase conspiracy theorist.

UPDATE: A second man has been arrested in connection with the shooting, while a third man is also being sought.

UPDATE: Reports suggest that the gunman is a 22-year-old white male named Jared Loughner, an Arizona native.

UPDATE: Amidst a widespread assault on gun rights, we learn that the gunman was stopped after he was shot at by someone in the crowd exercising their second amendment.

UPDATE: Giffords’ father has told the New York Post that “the entire Tea Party” were enemies of his daughter, suggesting that a Tea Partier was behind the shooting. However, Giffords is a blue dog Democrat who is pro-border control and pro-second amendment – an unusual target for a “tea partier”.

Political hacks have wasted little time in exploiting the tragic shooting of Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords to demonize their political opposition despite the gunman’s motivation being completely unknown at this time.

Huffington Post has already blamed the shooting on second amendment activists who held a meeting last year to discuss ways of politically defeating Giffords. They are also hyping speculation that a semi-automatic weapon was used.

Before it was even clear whether or not Giffords had survived, neo-lib statists were already shamelessly milking the shocking events for political gain. Our forum members also report that CNN’s David Fitsimmons is using the shooting to demonize “fringe” politics.

More updates to this story as it develops……

Giffords was a strong border control advocate and the gunman could have been someone with a grudge against her immigration policies. Hwoever, she also supported Obamacare and visited the Copenhagen global warming summit, so the murders could also be blamed on a “right-wing radical” and used to demonize the patriot movement.

The gunman was tackled by onlookers and arrested by police. He is described as a young man in his teens or early 20′s.

“The man was young, mid-to-late 20s, white clean-shaven with short hair and wearing dark clothing and said nothing during the shooting or while being held down. He didn’t look like a businessman, but more of a “fringe character,” reports Gawker.

Giffords is still alive and is now responding to commands, while other victims are in critical condition. Federal Judge John Roll has been confirmed dead.

Statement from Alex Jones: Whatever the motivation for this shooting, our hearts go out to the the Congresswoman’s family and supporters. It is important to note that, the anti-2nd Amendment, victim disarmament crowd will undoubtedly try to use this event to demonize gun owners and further restrictive legislation. Mexico has a total gun ban, and the worst record for killed and kidnapped politicians and other high-level figures in the world. With more than 28,000 dead in Mexico from the drug war, it is clear that leaving guns only in the hands of the cartels and criminals will only make us all vulnerable.

Eyewitness report from man who helped to apprehend shooter, “After shooting Giffords, the gunman opened fire indiscriminately for a few seconds, firing 20-30 rounds and hitting a number of people, including a kid no older than 10 years old. Rayle hid behind a concrete pole and pretended to be dead. When the gunman apparently ran out of ammunition he attempted to flee, but a member of Giffords’ staff tackled him. Rayle helped hold the gunman down while waiting for the sheriff to arrive, about 15-to-20 minutes later. The EMS came about 30 minutes later. Rayle said he was “stunned” by how long it took medical help to arrive.”

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