The political chaos of the Left is plaguing the Clinton and Sanders presidential campaigns.

Hillary Clinton was criticized last week for not responding to a “trans-focused” questionnaire sent by Trans United, a political action committee pushing transgender political issues, most notably bathroom legislation.

“Given Secretary Clinton’s record of leadership on several key issues impacting the transgender community and the campaign’s commitment to complete the historic survey, members of the Trans United Fund’s advisory board remained disappointed and concerned by the Clinton campaign’s failure to complete the survey,” a press release sent out by the organization last week states.

Trans United praised the Sanders campaign for completing the questionnaire.

Meanwhile, in East Oakland, California, five activists from Direct Action Everywhere, a radical animal rights organization, rushed the stage during a Bernie Sanders speech. The Secret Service moved to protect Sanders and an activist was beaten with a baton.

“His campaign has promoted itself based on this idea of progressivism and rejecting discrimination and inequality,” said Zach Groff, a member of the radical group, “but when it comes to the animals in the United States and around the world, discrimination and violence is the name of the game every single day.”

“He claims to be a progressive, but you cannot be a progressive if you oppose animal rights,” he added.

Direct Action Everywhere is opposed to “speciesism” and calls for “total animal liberation.” It has disrupted Sanders events in the past.

On two occasions last year, Sanders was shut down by members of Black Lives Matters. The first incident was during a Netroots Nation forum in Phoenix and the second a few weeks later in downtown Seattle. Intimidated by two female BLM activists who rushed the stage and commandeered the microphone, the Sanders campaign called off the Seattle speech.

Sanders supporters are also guilty of disruptive behavior. During a Democrat convention in Nevada, Sanders supporters threw chairs and reportedly threatened the state chairwoman in a fight over delegates. In May, supporters promised to disrupt the Democrat convention in Philadelphia this summer.

“You are going to see a variety of tactics,” Elizabeth Arnold, a former staff member for the Sanders campaign in Philadelphia, told The NewYork Times. “I personally don’t like being arrested. But it’s essential that we speak our minds and assert our First Amendment rights. Our system is terribly flawed and terribly unjust—so very just actions often end in arrests.”

Earlier this year, Sanders supporters invaded a Donald Trump event in Chicago. The Trump campaign canceled the event over security concerns.

People for Bernie took to Twitter on Monday and praised the violent demonstrations in San Diego. Thus far, Sanders has not condemned the violence.

Many if not most of the violent demonstrators in San Diego, New Mexico, and Chicago are political no-nothings embracing what can be described as a “gangsta” street ethic. Attacking police, trashing private property, and assaulting the media does not carry a political message. It is mindless mob violence, often with an overriding racist tone.

A smaller faction of Bernie supporters, however, has adopted Marxist violence. The final paragraph of the Manifesto of the Communist Party reads: “The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social condition.”

In April, a resort to “revolutionary violence” (more accurately the violence of racist thugs) was promised if Trump wins the election.

Tef Poe, described as a rapper and prominent Black Lives Matters activist, promised racial riots.

“Dear white people,” Poe tweeted (under War Machine III), “if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go.”

This is the political incoherence the Left brings to the national debate. The radical Left is not interested in reasoned discussion or political compromise. It is hellbent on violence and destruction in order to impose its political orthodoxy on the American people.

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