Politico has joined notoriously biased CNN in rigging a poll to claim Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in the second presidential debate.

According to a recent survey conducted by Politico/Morning Consult, which sampled 2001 registered voters, 42% thought Hillary Clinton was the winner of the debate, compared to 28% who thought Donald Trump won.

While the large sample size may make the poll seem scientifically accurate to some, the methodology tells a different story.

According to the poll’s methodology, 37% of those sampled were Democrats, compared to only 30% who considered themselves Republicans; the remaining 33% were Independents.

The over-sampling of Democrats indicates a built-in +7% edge for Clinton, which accounts for a sizable amount of Clinton’s margin of victory over Trump.

A separate Politico poll, which sampled 1757 likely voters, indicated 42% of voters support Hillary Clinton, compared to 37% who support Donald Trump in a four-way race.

Once again, a close examination of the poll’s methodology tells a different story. 39% of those sampled were Democrats, compared to 31% who were Republicans and 30% who considered themselves independents.

As Clinton is only maintaining a 5% lead over Trump in the poll, the +8 over-sampling of Democrats indicates a far closer race, if not a slim lead for Trump.

Politico is not alone in rigging polls to favor Hillary Clinton. A CNN/ORC poll released immediately after the debate claimed 57% of viewers considered Clinton the victor; however, CNN noted that 58% of respondents were already supporting Clinton before the debate even began.

When CNN finally released the poll’s methodology, it revealed 36% of respondents were Democrats, 27% were Republicans, and 37% were independents, a staggering +9% over-sampling of Democrats.

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