Facebook risks losing over a third of its conservative users over concerns the social media company censors their content.

According to the poll conducted by the Media Research Center, 32% of self-described conservatives who use Facebook have left or are considering leaving the platform due to political censorship.

Additionally, 66% of conservative users agree they don’t trust Facebook to treat users equally and and fairly regardless of political beliefs.

Another 65% stated they believe major tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter deliberately censor conservative content.

“The question Facebook and other social media companies need to ask themselves is this: Do you want to be seen as an open platform for all political beliefs or would you rather be considered a left-wing public interest group that censors free speech worldwide?” MRC President Brent Bozell said in a statement in response to the poll results.

“The latter will prove to be unbelievably costly. Censorship on social media is no longer a hypothetical; it’s reality. So too is the evidence that this censorship is pointing to a massive conservative exodus.”

Facebook not only censored Infowars content, but deleted four of our pages entirely under the guise of fighting “hate speech,” when in reality the social media giant received intense pressure from Democrats in Congress and CNN to de-platform Alex Jones.

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