A new poll finds that 58% of Brits who consider themselves “liberals” would support prosecuting people for saying negative things about religion, a shocking insight into how leftists have abandoned support for free speech in favor of political correctness.

The poll, conducted by Populus, found that almost half of respondents (46%) think that there are “some things” you should “not be able to say about religion”. This is an increase of 6 per cent on a previous poll in 2011 which asked the same question.

“Mainstream liberals” were the most likely group (58%) to support prosecuting people who say negative things about a religion.

“Support for limiting free speech to respect multicultural sensitivities had grown over the past five years,” according to the report. Alarmingly, restricting free speech is most popular amongst the young and those who are most “confident” with multiculturalism.

The report found that 58% of under-25s think that criticism of religion should be policed in a similar manner to how racial hate crimes are treated, suggesting that many of them link criticism of Islam with racism, despite the fact that Islam is not a race.

“This report demonstrates how the concept of offense, and the violence that sometimes accompanies it, has created a chilling effect on freedom of expression in the UK,” said Stephen Evans of the National Secular Society.

“Whilst bigotry of all kinds should be robustly challenged, now is not the time to start sacrificing fundamental freedoms in order to protect ‘religious sentiments’. Restricting free speech will do nothing to improve social cohesion – and once satisfied, demands to ‘respect’ religion will only lead to yet further demands.”

Bizarrely, despite the poll results suggesting a majority of liberals believe Islam should be immune from vociferous criticism, 59% of respondents also believe that “Islam poses a serious threat to Western civilisation”.

However, the poll results are being championed by Hope Not Hate, a regressive leftist organization that has repeatedly sought to characterize criticism of Islam as racist and bigoted.

As Majid Nawaz highlighted, back in December Hope Not Hate created a list of anti-Muslim “bigots” that included a “headscarf-wearing devout Muslim-American woman called Raquel Saraswati,” whose “anti-Muslim” behavior consisted of campaigning against honor violence.

Watch the video below to understand why the regressive left poses a massive threat to free speech.


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