A survey of users on Reddit’s r/socialism board has found that 61% of respondents live with their parents, 48% are unemployed and just 14% support freedom of speech.

The results of the poll confirmed many of the stereotypes attached to modern day “progressives” – that they are largely dependent on others and have total disregard for bedrock freedoms and the rule of law.

While a paltry 14% support completely unrestricted free speech, 46% support “violent protest” (otherwise known as rioting).

The survey also found that 69% of respondents were uneducated.

“After the results of the poll were posted, members of Reddit’s r/Drama quickly found and posted the numbers to mock /r/socialism. As to be expected, the proponents of socialism were shredded in the comments for fulfilling the exact stereotype that we had long since suspected to be true on the far left – they are unemployed, uneducated communist losers,” comments the Department of Memes blog.

The survey, conducted via Google Forms, correlates with a study undertaken of left-wing political activists in Berlin which found that a whopping 92% still lived with their parents and one in three was unemployed.

Despite leftists and socialists constantly virtue-signalling about their humanitarianism, another study in America found that it was Republicans who were significantly more likely to donate to charitable causes.

“Less well-off families from red states donate a relatively higher – and growing – proportion of their money to charity” than liberals, a Philanthropy Chronicle investigation found.

When it comes to tolerance, another sacred cow of the left, conservatives also come out on top.

A Pew Research poll found that liberals are far more intolerant than conservatives, with nearly half (47%) of liberal Democrats saying a friend’s support for Donald Trump would put a “strain” on their relationship, while just 13% of of Republicans and Republican leaners said a friend’s support for Hillary Clinton would do the same.


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