A majority believe Bill Clinton is a sexual predator according to a mainstream poll, which suggests public opinion is turning against the former president.

Over half of the respondents, 53%, of a Rasmussen poll describe Clinton as a sexual predator, with only 24% claiming he’s simply a victim of his political opponents. Another 24% are undecided.

“Interestingly, men (55%) are more likely to consider Clinton a predator than women (50%) are,” according to Rasmussen, which added that Democrats are “almost evenly divided on the question, but 30% are undecided.”

Clinton was confronted by #MeToo demonstrators at a speaking event in Austin, Texas, on Sunday night during a protest promoted by Infowars:

But it’s the left-leaning media where Clinton’s fade in popularity is more obvious than ever.

According to a Boston Globe op/ed by Margery Eagan:

At 71, he’s lived a charmed life for decades. But the earth has shifted, and better late than never, Bill Clinton is done.

Even CNN, which tried to paint Clinton in a fair light, admitted that there are concerns about how he “would fare campaigning for Democrats amid the #MeToo movement.”

And Time, an anti-Trump establishment mouthpiece, said the ex-president “has been disappointing women who believe in him for decades now.”

But the worst damage is being done by Clinton himself, who during a recent PBS interview said he believed “the norms have really changed in terms of, what you can do to somebody against their well, how much you can crowd their space, make them miserable at work.”

This comment is fueling outrage on Twitter after a New York Times reporter brought attention to it on Monday.

In short, the establishment is now seeing Clinton as a liability, which Infowars predicted would happen back in October.

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