An extensive new poll has found that 55 per cent of Europeans want to stop immigration from Muslim countries, with just 20 per cent supporting its continuation.

A survey carried out by the Royal Institute of International Affairs think tank asked 10,000 Europeans in ten different countries if they agreed with the statement, “All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped.”

55 per cent answered in the affirmative, 25% said they don’t know and just 20% said they disagreed with the statement.

Opposition to Muslim immigration is strongest in Poland, where 71% oppose it compared to just 9% who support it.

In France, which has experienced a number of horrific terror attacks over the last two years, 61% oppose Muslim immigration while just 16% support it.

In Germany, which has seen instances of mass molestation of women carried out by Muslim migrants, most notably in Cologne, 53% support a halt on Muslim immigration, while 19% oppose that view.

The weakest support for halting Muslim immigration is in Spain, where 41% endorse the policy, although this is still a higher number than the 32% who don’t.

Even amongst young people aged 18-29, millennials who would be expected to hold leftist views, a majority of 44%-27% support a halt on Muslim immigration.

The poll is roughly in line with a recent Reuters/Ipsos survey conducted in the United States that found the majority of Americans support Donald Trump’s travel ban policy by a margin of 49-41%. This poll was conducted after protests took place at airports across the country.

Despite the best efforts of politicians on the left to obfuscate the link between Muslim immigration and exploding crime and rape statistics, the people who are actually living amidst this new form “cultural enrichment” have made it very clear that they don’t like it.

This poll proves that opposition to Muslim immigration in Europe is now the mainstream view.

With new elections in France, the Netherlands and Germany set to take place later this year, it remains to be seen how that resentment will translate into actual political change.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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