Monday, June 1, 2009

Irish support for the European Union’s Lisbon reform treaty has risen further, continuing this year’s trend of gains for the “Yes” camp and a steady decline in opposition, an opinion poll showed on Monday.

The Irish Times/TNS mrbi poll found 54 percent would back the treaty in a fresh referendum this year, up two percentage points from two weeks ago, with the proportion of those planning to vote “No” dropping one point to 28 percent.

When undecided voters were excluded, 66 percent were in favour and 34 percent against, compared with a referendum result last June of 53.4 percent “No” and 46.6 percent “Yes.” The Irish government has consented to holding a second Lisbon vote this autumn, subject to concessions in areas of concern for Irish voters, such as military neutrality, taxation and the retention of a European commissioner.


[efoods]European leaders are expected to agree on the details of those guarantees later this month.

Many voters now look to the European Union as a haven amid the global financial crisis, in which Ireland has become one of the most vulnerable euro zone members, but the recession has also distracted the government from focussing on Lisbon.

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