According to a new YouGov poll, Labour Party leftists and Remain voters are more likely to approve of political violence in the form of throwing milkshakes at politicians.

“Imagine a protester threw a milkshake over a candidate from [party]. Would you personally approve or disapprove of this action?” respondents were asked.

As the graphic clearly illustrates, Labour and Remain voters are significantly more likely to approve such attacks in comparison to Leave voters and Conservatives.

Just over half of Labour and Remain voters approve of throwing milkshakes at UKIP and Brexit Party candidates, which is precisely what happened during the EU election campaign.

“Some people argue that throwing milkshakes is a legitimate form of political protest, and should be allowed as an expression of free speech,” states YouGov, seemingly unaware that assaulting someone for having a different opinion doesn’t come under the umbrella of free speech.

But hey, why stop at milkshakes? Comedian Jo Brand ‘joked’ that the next step should be acid attacks on right-wing politicians and the BBC defended her.


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